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Our Microsoft and A+ certified technicians are ready to troubleshoot, upgrade, or repair your hardware, software, and network remotely or onsite in the Greater Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, or New York areas. For service, please contact us to determine what support method fits your needs.
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Our mission is to alleviate computer problems, educate people to fearlessly embrace technology and practice the art of human interaction. When your computer won't print a huge proposal for an 8AM meeting or when you're suddenly staring at the blue screen of death and your thesis is due the next day. Even if the situation isn't quite as dire, we are standing by to help you as soon as you need it. Whether you need upgrades, repairs or spyware and virus removal (or even just a lesson in how to use the new digital camera you received for your birthday) we have the tools, knowledge and capability to help you maneuver through your technology-fueled life. Help is just a phone call away.
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In Texas, serving the greater Houston, Katy, and Sugar Land area and in all of Altanta, GA., Burney Solutions provides computer, laptop and server support. From planning your network and computer needs to purchasing, installation, training, to support and maintenance. New and existing wide area networks (WAN) and local area networks (LAN), including wireless home office installation, we provide highly trained, professional computer service technicians with real world experience in deploying today's cutting edge technology.